Laser Hair Reduction

Quality Laser Hair Reduction now within your reach !!

How does LASER work…??

LASER stands for Light Amplication by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Laser light is concentrated beam of light with very high energy – enough to burn hair roots permanently – Yes !! Your hairs are gone for good PERMANENTLY !!

You will be free from repeated sessions of waxing, epilation, shaving etc.

Your body looks natural & smooth.

Laser used for hair reduction is DIODE LASER, meaning a Diode is used as an energizing medium. It specifically emits radiation in 800 nanometre spectrum – which is pure red in color.

What is the mechanism of action..?? – It specifically targets melanin pigment in hairs, so when Laser is applied, it burns your hair roots from within. Usually, it takes, 4-5 sittings 45 days apart to completely vanish the hairs.

What I should know..?? – It is hair reduction not removal, although some thick hairs vanish completely, as Laser works best on thicker & darker hairs.

Laser has literally no effect on white hairs, which have no pigment / color left.

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